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The time you have with your audience is short. Make it count. Whether your goal is brand awareness or lead generation, you can’t afford advertising that doesn’t connect, or fails to inspire action.

Green Dot is Results Driven

When you engage us to run an ad campaign, we want to know what you’re getting in return. We can tell you which ads, emails and web pages work, and which ones don’t. That’s because we track everything we do. Then we apply what we’ve learned and aim to drive down your cost per acquisition month after month, and year after year.

We bring more than great design to the table. Like accountability and measurable results. If that sounds like what you’re looking for in an advertising agency, give us call at 305.674.8506 or explore the links below.

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Green Dot is an advertising agency in Miami, Florida. We create effective and compelling ad campaigns for any medium ensuring your message has a consistent voice on the Internet, a smartphone, a tablet, in print, on TV, and at the trade show.

Green Dot Advertising and Marketing distinguishes itself not through process, but through it's creative and strategic output. The end products - whether single ads or integrated campaigns - reflect the unique dynamics of the ad agency itself: international, intuitive, insightful, and sharp. With literally no turnover in senior staff in twelve years, Green Dot is able to work remarkably efficiently and creatively. We are, in many ways, advertising minimalists: bringing clarity to unfocused campaigns through clean, sustainable strategies and trustworthy executions.

Green Dot Advertising and Marketing has no fancy targeting techniques nor proprietary synonyms for "good thinking." We simply do it the way your goals dictate it should be done, and call it "right."

Results Are The Only Measure Of Success

When you engage Green Dot Advertising, we want you to know what you’re getting in return. We track and analyze every ad campaign we manage, so we can tell you which emails, keyphrases, print ads, and TV commercials are outperforming, and which ones require optimization.

Using this data, we apply what we’ve learned and aim to drive down your cost per sale or cost per lead month over month, and year after year. Continually improving the performance of your ad campaigns and marketing communications is our goal. Grow with us!

Green Dot is a Full Service Advertising Agency in South Florida that Can Deliver Integrated Ad Campaigns Including Social Media, Search Engine Marketing and Traditional Ad Campaigns

Social Media, online marketing, (search engine optimization and search engine marketing) email nurture campaigns and content marketing are the new buzzwords in the advertising industry. And they are more than just a fad.

These days, a prospect visits your website to learn what you have to say about yourself. However, with the advent of social media and the search engines, now that same prospect can also learn what others have to say about your company and its services. That’s why it is so important that your company engages an expert online marketing agency to actively manage your social media presence and how it affects your brand.

That’s where Green Dot comes in. We manage and integrate your social media communications with email nurture campaigns and search engine marketing strategies to create and engage an entire community of prospects, and then nurture them during the sales cycle to ensure you convert more leads into sales.

But we don’t stop there. Green Dot is also well versed at using traditional media like TV and radio ads to generate leads, sales and brand awareness. Many consumers now watch TV with their tablet or laptop nearby and can logon or inquire via your website while watching your commercial. Those listening to the radio in their car on the way home from work have their cell phone within arms reach. As a result, we don’t just think it’s possible to generate leads using traditional ads, we insist on it!

Advertising and Marketing Services from Green Dot:

If you do not yet have a website optimized for the search engines and integrated with your social media campaigns, you are not yet competing in the new economy!

Did you know that the index page of your website is the most important page of that website when it comes to achieving top natural search engine listings? Green Dot is an advertising agency located in Miami, Florida that knows how to get you listed for the most relevant searches on Google and Bing. Just like you're out there searching for an advertising agency Miami chances are there are potential customers searching for a company that provides the products or service you have to offer. And just like you found us by searching online, we can drive qualified prospects to your site using the same tactics that work for us.

Of course, all the traffic in the world is useless if you don't have a GREAT website and an engaging social media presence. You're website has to be well designed and functional, yet appealing to the end user, and it has to rank well in the search engines or nobody will ever find it. That's why working with an experienced advertising agency in Miami that has mastered the web really pays off. Good design, copy, and navigation are just as important as the right keywords and content in order to drive traffic to your website and more importantly convert that traffic into sales. And when everything is working together, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

So let's review: You're looking for an advertising agency. Possibly in Miami or South Florida. You have a project that needs attention, something like an ad campaign, website development, natural search engine optimization and pay per click campaign, trade show booth, or a direct response mailer. Or you could be looking for a job in Miami. Either way, we want to hear from you.