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Bulk email advertising is often shunned by advertising agencies. They do not think of junk mail with large headlines and outrageous promises as advertising. Ironically, people who use opt in email marketing campaigns know exactly what they are doing. Almost always, sales from a bulk email ad or mailing can be measured to the dollar. An industry that boasts $100 billion per year, targeted email campaigns works better than ad agencies are willing to admit.

Bulk email using opt in email campaigns is most often used by publishers in search of subscriptions, catalog houses as well as record and book clubs. Unfortunately, optin is also where you find scams and swindlers. Even so, the bulk of the trade is reputable. Bulk email can be used for certain products that are not marketable any other way or as a compliment to your already existing campaign. Whenever possible, use incentives like giveaways or sweepstakes. For many, these offers are irresistible and often lead to a sale.

The key in bulk email is to constantly evaluate how well your present strategy is working and fine tune your approach. You can evaluate this medium with precision because there are no other factors in your marketing mix. Headlines are even more important in bulk email than in regular print advertising. Again, your headline should promise your strongest and most distinct benefit. Do not be afraid to use testimonials; they will increase your credibility and sales. Keep your copy simple or easy to read. You can not afford to loose sales to tricky vocabulary or hard-to-read ads. Our final tip is to create urgency. Let people know that it is now or never with words like limited time or limited edition

Email campaign management from Green Dot Advertising will show you how to the most out of your email campaign.

The internet is the fastest access to potential customers, business contacts, partners and competitors in every corner of the world. Email campaign management is becoming a reality, thanks to improved security and encryption technology that ensures your messages are read only by those you want. Cybermalls are springing up everywhere, allowing companies to sell their wares to millions of customers without incurring costly real estate and overhead expenses. Instead of gathering dust in a warehouse, products are made and shipped to order.

If you do not yet have a web site and e-mail capability, you are not yet competing in the new economy! Nor have you begun to tap the potential of the fastest growing global marketplace. If you already have a web site but have failed to properly market and advertise for it, you have no real presence in this vast market and your target customers probably do not even know you exist.

Remember, you need both a web site and a marketing plan to be competitive on the Internet. We can all take a lesson from companies like UPS, Discovery and ESPN, who have built traffic on their web sites and, as a consequence, have reaped great rewards. It is not expensive for your company to enter cyberspace. A small business email marketing accounts can cost as little as $50 to set up and less than $50 per month including e-mail to maintain. A site for a larger company can be custom tailored to yield the most profit possible. Solutions range from obtaining commercial accounts with service providers to setting up an Internet server inside your company.

Email Campaign and Marketing services by Green Dot:

Green Dot offers email campaign solutions to meet your needs!

Some of the most successful advertising campaigns use direct response marketing. This category includes everything from catalogs to direct mailings and web sites

The effectiveness of the campaign can be measured with accuracy, enabling us to find out a great deal about what makes bulk email marketing successful.

Since the Internet has become available, mail based campaigns can be supported by a web site The site can expand on the sales pitch and show a greater variety of products at a greatly reduced cost. When compared to printing and mailing everything to the potential customer.

If you sell a product that can be shipped through the mail, you should consider bulk email marketing for your business.

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