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Interactive Advertising

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Advertising on the Internet

Advertising on the Internet includes search engine advertising using banner ads as well as search engine indexing to achieve higher listings for your site. Green Dot offers complete online advertising solutions including offline advertising to support your online efforts.

To be successful at interactive advertising you need an advertising partner that knows how to market your site using banner ads, text ads, context ads, email, print ads, radio, TV, billboards, affiliate programs, and doorway pages. At Green Dot we not only offer all of these services for advertising on the Internet, we also continually evaluate their effectiveness.

We run monthly reports to evaluate the success of our search engine advertising. Evaluating these reports yields valuable information about how to increase the effectiveness of your online advertising efforts. And that's the goal, to continually increase our clients success advertising on the Internet.

Green Dot is all about easy and effective internet advertising.

Online advertising agencies are cropping up everywhere. What makes us unique is that we have a traditional advertising background but are not strangers to advertising on the web. We use our years of advertising experience to evolve how advertising on the Internet is done. A great example of that is this page your are reading right now. It was specifically designed to come up on this search engine for the keywords you entered. Want your business to have the same success advertising on the Internet? Visit our site now.

Internet advertising services offered by Green Dot:

Internet advertising is a very powerful tool. Advertise where your customers are!

Commercials, radio spots, and billboards are icons of the past. Green Dot carefully targets the next generation of consumers through the most widely used information delivery mechanism of our time - the Internet. Interactive advertising, unlike any other medium, catches your customers at the exact moment they are thinking about your product. It is critical that you reach them with information that is professional, in-depth, and relevant. Simply Interactive creates electronic marketing programs that are consistent with your current marketing efforts to leave lasting impressions, while motivating your customer to take action. Whether we build your company an innovative web presence, online user-based contest, flash game, or banner ad campaign, your marketing efforts will drive traffic and get your products noticed.

Why not call or email us to learn how we can reach your customers in today's marketing mediums.

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