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Green Dot offers a complete host of Miami internet marketing services including website marketing and search engine indexing. There many ways to go about generating traffic to a website. We can optimize the website for preferred search engine positioning, we can build doorway pages or we can do a combination of both to achieve your website marketing goals.

Internet marketing and online advertising consist of more than just search engine indexing though. To be successful marketing on the Internet, it is important to advertise offline as well as online. Website marketing often requires print ads, radio, TV, billboards and direct mailings as well.

Our internet marketing services were designed specifically with this goal in mind. We specialize in supplying a complete internet marketing solution for our clients. We research the competition, the industry, the market and most of all, we get to know your company and it's way of doing business. If you want your company to reach it's online marketing goals, visit our website now and contact us today to get started.

The Internet is the fastest access to potential customers, business contacts, partners and competitors in every corner of the world. Electronic commerce is becoming a reality, thanks to improved security and encryption technology that ensures your messages are read only by those you want. Cybermalls are springing up everywhere, allowing companies to sell their wares to millions of customers without incurring costly real estate and overhead expenses. Instead of gathering dust in a warehouse, products are made and shipped to order.

expertly design Your Internet Marketing Campaign.

If you do not yet have a website and e-mail capability, you are not yet competing in the new economy! Nor have you begun to tap the potential of the fastest growing global marketplace. If you already have a website but have failed to properly market and advertise for it, you have no real presence in this vast market and your target customers probably do not even know you exist. Remember, you need both a website and a marketing plan to be competitive on the Internet. We can all take a lesson from companies like UPS, Discovery and ESPN, who have built traffic on their websites and, as a consequence, have reaped great rewards.

It is not expensive for your company to enter cyberspace. A small business account costs $50 to set up and less than $50 per month including e-mail to maintain. A site for a larger company can be custom tailored to yield the most profit possible. Solutions range from obtaining commercial accounts with service providers to setting up an Internet server inside your company.

Interent Marketing and design:

Exceptional Internet Marketing in Florida. increase your revenue with Our Internet Marketing services!

Marketing your company's website begins by listing it with hundreds of search engines and directories worldwide. If you do not have a lot of money, you can do this yourself. Go to all the search engines you want to be listed with and fill out their add URL sheet. The more listings you have, the more traffic you will generate. This is absolutely essential if you want people to find your site.

If you have a larger budget, make sure you are listed with all the search engines and then add targeted marketing toy our Internet marketing strategy. Press releases, banner ads, what's hot listings and specific newsgroups should be used together to attract your customers to your virtual place of business. A good advertising agency that has experience with the Internet should be consulted to help you create these banner ads and choose the sites that are best suited for your targeted campaign.

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