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When we are asked to create or revise a company's corporate identity, we like to find out as much as we can about the company and the industry in general. Information about new trends as well as history are important. We study how you do business and the market you desire to reach. All of these aspects help us determine how to position your company amongst the competition.

Before designing a company's corporate identity designs we get to know the business first. Our identity designers study your people, your product or service, your competition and most of all your market. We compile and analyze all of this information before deciding on which direction a business identity design should take.

Armed with this knowledge, creating a corporate identity that matches the corporations mission and appeals to the target audience is much more likely. It still takes talented identity designers and an ad agency that is willing to study the industry, however, with the right research, finding the right corporate identity is not just a shot in the dark.

Upon approval of the corporate identity, we create a corporate identity manual, detailing how your logo should and should not be used. These instructions about how to use your corporate identity should be distributed to anyone who handles your logo or identity materials in-house or outside your facility. Consistency is vital to brand recognition, which is the reason we recommend you hire a specialist to design an identity in the first place.

Green Dot will expertly design all of your Ft. Lauderdale advertising needs.

At Green Dot, our corporate logo designers have years of experience creating company logo designs. They know that before designing your corporate logo, it is important to get to know the clients corporation, it's customers and the industry in which they operate.

Corporate logo design should arise as the response to the challenge of how to get a particular market segment to "like" or "identify" with your corporate identity. Our corporate logo designers will use colors, shapes, type and icons to craft a company logo that is unique and represents the spirit, goals and culture of your entire organization.

We usually submit more than one design ranging from graphic corporate logos to more iconic company logo's. Our corporate logo designers will only submit designs they deem appropriate for the situation. This means that your corporate logo will be ready for approval at the time it is presented.

Ft. Lauderdale advertising and design services by Green Dot:

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Your corporate identity is by far the most important ingredient in generating sales. Remember, people are buying your image, or "personality." And your personality is more than the sum of many things, including your name, your packaging, the price of your product, the style of its advertising and, above all, the nature of the product itself.

Many people are hypnotized by Jack Daniels. The label and the advertising convey an image of homespun honesty, and the high price makes one assume Jack Daniels must be superior. The distiller is selling 90 percent image! Every advertisement, therefore, should contribute to your brand image. Also, it follows that your advertising should consistently project the same image, year after year. Further, your product should project an image of quality. If your image or advertising is cheap or shoddy, it will rub off on your product. Who wants to use shoddy products?

Another dimension of your corporate identity is that it has a great deal of influence over your employees. It is a given: the best people want to work for the best companies. That is to say, the companies with the best image. The bottom line is if your company has a good image, your employees will be proud to work for you. If it does not, you will find your employees always looking to move on.

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