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South Florida Search Engine Optimization

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Natural Search Engine Optimization & Placement.

Keep one step ahead of the competition with our thorough, real-time competitive analysis. What are internet users saying about your competition? What are they doing right, and what mistakes are they making that your business can avoid? What aren’t they offering that you can?

Green Dot offers a complete host of South Florida search engine optimization services including website marketing and natural search engine optimization. There are many ways to generate traffic to a website but in the long run natural search results are the most productive and cost effective South Florida search engine optimization investment you can make.

The professionals at Green Dot will optimize your website for preferred search engine positioning, we will create quality content for your site or we can do a combination of many techniques to achieve your South Florida search engine optimization goals. Miami Internet marketing and online advertising do often consist of more than just search engine optimization though. To be successful marketing on the Internet, it is important to advertise offline as well as online. It's important to understand that a website that is advertised soley on the interent may not be successful, but a website is a very powerful tool when used as part of an overall South Florida search engine optimization strategy.

With South Florida search engine optimization in mind Green Dot provides extensive key phrase research, on-page optimization changes, seo copywriting, strategic meta tag adjustments and internal link structure & navigational improvement. Externally, we also provide a competitive back-link analysis and a variety of link building services such as submissions to directories who are known to generate direct South Florida search engine optimization click-through traffic and valid back links, article and press release writing/submissions. We also provide monthly reports to monitor your progress by tracking your rankings within the major search engines. We monitor your traffic, analyze what search terms you are being found for and tracking your current back link counts within Google, Yahoo and MSN.

At Green Dot our South Florida search engine optimization services and strategies are designed specifically with this goal in mind. We specialize in supplying a complete South Florida search engine optimization solution for our clients. We research the competition, the industry, the market and most of all, we get to know your company and it's way of doing business. If you want your company to reach it's online South Florida search engine optimization goals.

Internet marketing in South Florida. Just because you built it does not mean they will come! Sponsored SEO listings.

There are dozens of different factors that determine your search engine ranking. Search engines (Google, Yahoo!, etc) use complex algorithms to determine how sites are ranked, and we willuse our expertise to improve your ranking when a user types in keywords relevant to your site. We will build an effective SEM campaign that will result in increased conversions for your business.

Although major search engines tout the ease of use of their respective search engine marketing tools, without the proper expertise, it has the potential to waste tens-of-thousands of dollars. We will create an efficient SEM plan that includes keyword selection, competitive bidding, and effective ad copywriting. We will closely monitor SEM progress on a daily basis and tweak the campaign on-the fly to make sure you get the most out of your advertising dollars.

South Florida Internet Marketing services from Green Dot:

Green Dot will build your new website or redesign your existing one.

We will help you make your website and online store more user-friendly; from aesthetics, to optimized site structure, to effective copywriting that puts your business’ best foot forward. Case studies have shown repeatedly that properly implemented site optimization results in increased conversions.

Press releases, banner ads, what's hot listings and specific newsgroups should be used together to attract your customers to your virtual place of business. A good advertising agency that has experience with the Internet should be consulted to help you create these banner ads and choose the sites that are best suited for your targeted campaign.

Green Dot will provide search engine placement services for improved rankings within the preferred, non sponsored listings in other words natural placement. So let's review: You're looking for an advertising agency. Possibly in Miami or Miami Beach. You have a project that needs attention,  something like an ad campaign, website development, natural search engine optimization and pay per click campaign, trade show booth, or a direct response mailer. Green Dot want's to hear from you. We are here to be your long-term partner for success!

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