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Advertising on TV is still the most inexpensive way to reach the most people. We think that television advertising is also crucial to building a brand identity and achieving good brand recognition in the marketplace. So, who is your TV commercial production partner?

At Green Dot, TV ad production takes the front seat on many an ad campaign. However, before we begin production on the TV commercial, we do some research to find out what the competition is up to, what industry trends are and most of all, what the target market wants to hear. Armed with this information, we consistently create television advertising that hits the mark.

Our veteran TV commercial production team is hand picked for each individual assignment. From the Director to the grips, we have access to the best talent. Speaking of talent, a TV commercial always requires the right actor or actress to sell. We have relationships with the modeling industry that make finding the right face for advertising on television easy. If your company advertises on TV or is in need of TV ad production services, please visit our website now to contact your personal account executive.

Television is the one medium you just can not afford, right? Well not really. Consider this: producing a good commercial for local cable TV can cost as little as $7,000. You can reach 70,000 homes, 25 times a week on your choice of TNT, Discovery, CNN, A&E, MTV, USA or Lifetime. The cost for four weeks is only $2,000. With local cable, you spend just 13 cents per person per month to reach 70,000 potential customers. If you make a brochure, it will probably cost between $1 and $4 for each copy, and you still have to mail it out! How can you afford not to utilize this medium to market and sell your consumer-based product?

Green Dot will expertly produce your Television commercial .

On a national level, TV advertising is by far the cheapest way to sell. You would have to spend $25,000 for a salesman to call a thousand homes. A national television commercial can do this for just $4.69. For $10,000,000 a year, you can reach about 66 percent of the American population twice a month. Even though these commercials are expensive, they are by far the cheapest way to reach millions of people.

Premium placement in a magazine or on television is an important ingredient in the success of your advertising campaign. If you thought only large ad agencies get good placement, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Television production and design services From Green Dot:

Exceptional television production.

We have cultivated relationships with media vendors of all kinds. From outdoor advertisers and publications to cable operators and internet marketing resources, your ads will get front and center placement, if you so desire.Even though your advertising budget may not be in the millions, don't write off TV commercials. Advertising on local cable is inexpensive and very profitable.

Our talented art department is adept at story boarding creative concepts that sell. From the initial brainstorming session to final production, we handle all the headaches. We have access to talented narrators for voice-overs and musicians for custom melodies to accompany your message.

Other production resources include models, actors, stylists and studios. Whether your commercial uses computer generated art or live action, our team can design and produce your masterpiece from scratch. Talk to us today about the possibilities.

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